Friday, August 14, 2020
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SUICIDE COMMANDO: Bind, Torture, Kill

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Title: Bind, Torture, Kill
Format: CD
Label: Dependent / NTP (@)
Distributor: Alive!
The fairytale of the minimal Electro-/Industrial musician hailing from a village of Belgium, who starts to create own experimental tracks with a Roland synthesizer and a damaged drum machine, gaining a never-expected success and recognition through his concentration and persistence goes in a new round. The "trademark" is back, Johan Van Roy offers a new full length CD out of his SUICIDE COMMANDO flagship – and luckily without having changed too much in his kind, art and music. Besides that huge amount of good luck, which is needed through the 20 years this act is now producing music, there is of course a lot of work, time and belief behind this band, and it is impossible to resume this in numbers. SUICIDE COMMANDO has become an institution through the years. Was it Johan through the first years who definitively mentioned THE KLINIK as his patterns, now uncountable young Electro/Industrial acts name SUICIDE COMMANDO as the reference of inspiration. Johan’s new release Bind, Torture, Kill continues somehow the way and style he has entered with his predecessor "Axis Of Evil" without to forget the fact, that his new tracks can be seen as being more aggressive. This was the tendency we could recognize on his pre-released EP "Godsend/Menschenfresser" as well as on the track "Bleed For Us All" released on the "Advanced Electronics Vol. 4" compilation. These tracks are also here available, in that case you have missed to purchase the very limited EP which is completely sold out. Of course, this new CD will take the dancefloors again by a storm and the highest chart positions at the DAC are to expect. There are several more tracks than the mentioned ones like the fast pieces "Conspiracy With The Devil", "Torment Me", which sounds pretty much like taken directly from "Axis Of Evil", or "F*** You Bitch" which should leave the dark audience breathless and destroyed back on the floors. Check also out the cover version of TOMMI STUMPFF’s classic "Massaker" – Johan’s next club hit and floor filler for sure – although I do not see the sense why an Industrial band covers an Industrial band. Definitively a favorite as well as a good remembrance to the good old past days is the track "We Are The Sinners" which features excellent noisy distortions and an overwhelming aggressive mood. Bind, Torture, Kill is surely not the return of Johan’s classic works like "Construct – Destruct" but it is the better alternative to the softy produced "Axis Of Evil". Musically somewhere in between "Axis Of Evil" and "Mindstrip" – maybe with an improved mixing. No doubt, the "trademark" of Electro/EBM/Hellektro or "WhatTheFuckNameYou’llLikeToFillInHere" returns triumphant...


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