Friday, August 14, 2020
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STARK: Brave New Desire

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Artist: STARK (@)
Title: Brave New Desire
Format: CD
Label: Endless Records / GUP (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
News from the rotten and distorted world of the Surgical suite, Lee Bulig is back on track! This Australian act could already receive a lot of attention with its both debut releases, the "Wield" Si-CD as well as with the full length "The Surgical Suite". Often compared to known "big players" of the hard Electro/Industrial scene like :WUMPSCUT: or SUICIDE COMMANDO, I must say – and so I did on Lee’s both debut releases – that STARK have more and better elements to offer, than simply being a victim of useless comparisons. STARK show much more efforts here and can include refreshing ideas to bring life into this music genre. Sure, "Recreational Flesh Abuse" or the already on an Interbreeding compilation discovered track "Blossom" will lead some dark troops to the dancefloors. But mostly Lee’s tracks show a wider progression and complexity in its arrangements. A simple reason for this can be seen in the fact that Lee has also a Powernoise-inspired side-project called NEON WOMB on board. So a few tracks here taken from Brave New Desire can simply play also in that genre ("Kong", "Desire"). Another favorite can be easily named with the track "Nursery Rhyme", seldom before I have heard that steady aggression combined with melodic synth lines. Lee Bulig has worked out a full-scale Dark Electro album with some noisy undertones which gets a totally recommendation. While it is still hard for acts hailing from Australia to earn globally success, the leading bands from this country joined the forces and built up a mutual community called Crash Frequency (, and so also STARK is an active member of it. The idea is to help each other – more acceptence through united forces – and I hope the best that this community will reach its targets. Please make also sure to check out this cool digi-pack design for this release and the amazing artwork done by Scott Craig ( – it is one of his finest works and fits with the music.


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