Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Preussak
Title: Werkschau 1989-2005
Format: CD
Label: Vaws (@)
Rated: *****
Presented as electro-industrial/EBM (old school) Preussak respect the premises from the very first second in which you'll be holding the booklet in your hands. Vaws' profile as a label was quite clear with the sampler I happened to review a while ago, but brick after brick their target is always clearer. Dark electronic with a straight beat not so far from that scene that originated bands like Front 242, Dive, Insekt or 808 State...somebody said "keep it authoritorial and martial"!?!. And what could someone expect if not a cover of Joy Division immortal hit "We walk the line"? If your answer is a cover of Killing Joke you’ve won the supergenius award of the day: "Aufruhr" aka "Follow the leader". Music to mach on, yes, but only if you’re wearing a pair of black leather trousers and you're completely into the style. The beat is pulsing, straight and quite often fast, but on such a long record probably it gets to linear that's why is easy to be left thinking there are a bit too many tracks at the end of the cd. Strong vocals and a layout that leaves no hesitation on the fact Preussak comes from the hard core of the scene, therefore be prepared for a demonstration of strength thru the kick ass rhythm of the songs. The lesson is: if you're into the style that's addressed to you... if you're not you'd better relax to the sound of Bob Marley.


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