Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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the Evolutionaries: Exoskeleton

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Artist: the Evolutionaries (@)
Title: Exoskeleton
Format: CD EP
Label: Latex records (@)
Rated: *****

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The Evolutionaries' new EP "Exoskeleton" (released by our dear friend and partner TG Mondalf at Latex records) is the long due long awaited follow up to their 2004 "Normalized". With these five tracks, Kristian Stout, the main character behind the Evolutionaries, succeeds at "framing" his fashination for "the decay of modern civilization in expectation of the rise of the next" within a sonic context that borrows heavily from the style of Marylin Manson (especially vocally), but can also be compared (at times) to Dope Stars Inc., Eye, Mindless Self Indulgence or even Skinny Pupy at times. Think of the Evolutionaries as an industrial-glam-rock band with an edge (some might call it industrial-goth, but since I'd resent that...).
I believe they are not putting together a remix album, which will be interesting, so if you have chops you might be interested, as that outta be interesting.


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