Monday, September 28, 2020
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HYPE: Desperately Yours

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Artist: HYPE
Title: Desperately Yours
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Rated: *****
The Swedish label grows constantly and surprises the listeners with a well sought-out quality and surprising releases done by almost unknown newcomer acts. Also HYPE is a new act hailing from Swedish scene, but we surely cannot talk at all about greenhorns. Behind this project stands among others Robert Enforsen for the lead vocals and this guy made himself a good name in the Nineties with his band ELEGANT MACHINERY. And this explanation should already help you to find out his new musically field – no surprise – you’ll get Synthpop, mainly inspired from its kind and mood out the Pop/Wave era of the 80ies. The used technology of course is a new one but what counts is the mood. So this is definitively the stuff which makes the dreams of a glorious return of the past Energy/October days become somehow reality. On the danceable side we have own compositions which hit the target like "Modern Impact" or "Your Kind", while my personal favorite "Live And Learn" comes with astonishing played Synth lines and a finer melodic part. And for one track I see dancefloor actions by all genre friends, no matter if it will include Synthpop-, Batcave-, Minimal- or Electro-freaks, I’m talking on the cover version of the TRANS-X classic "Living On Video". Finally a cover not composed originally by DEPECHE MODE, that’s nice. Although regarding the fact that HYPE do not really surprise with something to be called "new", I am convinced with their efforts here. A must for Synthpop genre fans!


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