Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Pandora's Box, Invasion And Friends 2k6
Format: CD
Label: Invasion Wreck Chords (@)
Rated: *****
A couple of years ago on the "Invasion and friends" serie compilations you could find mostly unknown bands and, most of the times, bands coming from the same Ambassador 21 area. With the years and with the different European tours made by the band the friends have increased and you can check it out by reading the tracklist of this new compilation. On PANDORA’S BOX, INVASION AND FRIENDS 2K6 most of the bands are already signed to a record label: see Dive, Synascape, Converter, Mimetic and Iszoloscope that collaborated for a track titled "Heard Voices", P.A.L. or Projecto Mirage, to name few. As you can notice most of the band are under contract with Ant Zen, label that is taking care of the distribution of the Invasion Wreck Chords releases. Anyway, if on the early volumes of the serie industrial distortion was the way to go, this time the seventeen bands try to explore every dark corner of melodic distortion mixed with rhythm hysteria. The wildness and the rage are now under the wise control of people that during their years of activity reached a good balance between philosophy and action. The sign that something has changed find the confirmation into the fact that the last name of the tracklist is Dalek, a band of electro hip hop (their track seems a My Bloody Valentine track with rappers). Something changed and this is good because music needs fresh ideas!

01. DIVE - Insanity [live at Razzmatazz 3 - Barcelona 12.04.03]
02. SYNAPSCAPE - White Trash [2005 edit]
03. AMBASSADOR21 vs. FRAGMENT KING - The Ballet Of Bullets
04. CONVERTER - Be Broken [unbreakable rmx by NERVE FILTER]
07. CTRLer - Nuclear Device
08. RASPUTEEN - Auf Der Flucht
09. P.A.L - Overlap [slow strokes mix]
10. KLANGSTABIL - Wir Sind Ganz Zusammen [live in Leipzig]
11. ROGER ROTOR - Drown Delay [live in Morbio Inferiore'05]
12. MONOID - Credit
14. SHORAI - U R My Self Destruction Button
15. NOT HALF - Become A Being Of Light
16. NTT - Defeatist
17. DALEK - Ever Somber


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