Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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PROCEED: Neusprache

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Artist: PROCEED (@)
Title: Neusprache
Format: CD
Label: Out Of Line (@)
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
Second CD release for this Eastern German duo this time under the wings of the rising Out Of Line label. Their debut was released under the Machineries Of Joy label leaded by the colleges from Belgium, IONIC VISION, and it could get some first recognition for this act. The musical formula remains of course still the same. PROCEED are one of the currently rich recognized acts playing the old-school minimal EBM sound much influenced by the classic works of NITZER EBB or POUPPEE FABRIKK. Also another act from the Out Of Line label has taken influence here, the Swedish acts SPETSNAZ, because PROCEED have taken thankfully the helping hands of them regarding production and mastering of this release. And of course SPETSNAZ are active here with a remix ("Idendität") and with a vocal duet on "Kontrolle", surely one of the best tracks here. Please note also the untitled hidden track after track 13, also for this Pontus Stalberg offered his voice. While it is hard to find real musically differences between PROCEED and the rising acts like SPETSNAZ or IONIC VISION, these Germans have to offer some lyrically surprises both in German and English language. PROCEED are taking their lyrics seriously, they try to criticize the social system, governments generally and the decadent human being. Stuff which stands above the average EBM/Electro themes like wars, violence, muscles or sex. So this release does not at all surprise musically - the latest IONIC VISION had indeed some better efforts, but it is worth to check out and to make your own thoughts on its lyrical content.


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