Friday, June 5, 2020
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COLONY 5: Lifeline

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Artist: COLONY 5 (@)
Title: Lifeline
Format: CD
Label: Memento Materia (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Founded in 1999 by P-O Svensson and Magnus Löfdahlafter, Colony 5 release their debut album LIFELINE after their self-titled EP and a few line-up changes. Moving between synthpop and rhythmic/melodic based electronic music (touching sometimes the e.b.m. fields) P-O Svensson and Johan Nilsson bring us twelve tracks which move between upbeat songs ("Colony 5", "Liquid Love" or "Friends") to ballads ("The Bottle") passing through mid tempos ("Freedom" and "Heal Me"). To be honest I liked the sounds and most of the songs but some melodies to me sounded a little naive. Nothing that important and maybe I could sound paranoid but it's a characteristic of German synthpop and I've got to cope with that... Anyway my favourites are: "Colony 5", "Liquid Love", "Be My Slave" and "Crackhead". Soon the band will release a new E.P. titled "Follow your heart" and this summer they welcomed a new band member: Mgnus Kalnins.