Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Title: The Plain People
Format: CD
Label: Retinascan
Rated: *****
Being a repetitive whiner, I've kept on writing, in my reviews of Chefkirk's cdrs, that it'd been great if the prolific US noisemaker explored his more "ambient" or electroacoustic side, rather than the rhythmic noise one. Well, this collaboration with Carl Kruger (unknown to me), released in an unlimited cdr with a wooden frame by German Retinascan, sort of proves me right... We are not informed of who plays what, but I think it's a mix of electroacoustic sounds (possibly obtained via contact microphones or whatever) filtered through various plug ins or analogue devices. Chefkirk's deranged beats surface here and there, but are kept to a (welcome, by me) minimum. Chefkirk had already scattered similar tracks in all his works, but this time the sound palette is much more varied: the really noisy parts are more ferocious, and the "quiet" ones offer more microscopic details and subtle changes. Everything is fast paced and headache inducing in the best Chefkirk tradition, but with a degree of maturity which makes these 45 minutes a pleasant -ahem- listening experience. By the way, all titles are inspired by the Amish community, with a crazy parallel between that form of secluded living and the noise underground.


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