Friday, July 3, 2020
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Title: .C. Works
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: The Locus of Assemblage/Zeromoon/Sonora
Rated: *****
The lengthy track ".C." was recorded by Puerto Rican duo Cornucopia (Jorge Castro and Claudio Chea) in 2001, released in a cdr edition by The Locus of Assemblage and then remastered for this rerelease & remix project, which took a while in the making. It was surely worth it, though, as ".C." is probably Cornucopia's most mature and refined work to date, and we're talking of an A-quality project. The piece reveals the duo's more ambient side, but without losing the cutting edge of their noise background. A rarefied beginning, with subdued drones, paves the way for a more aggressive development, with mechanical guitar noises and swirling synths; then there's the core (and possibly best) movement, with field recordings of dripping water and sharp looped electronics. By layering and morphing this matter, the sound mass slowly rises to a maximum of power and intensity, then suddenly collapses in the quieter final part, where the seashore and the rain sound like a welcome shelter after the previous storm. Flawlessy merging different layers and styles, Cornucopia have assembled a hypnotizing work which I'd recommend both to those into the environmental soundscapes of López, mnortham or Dauby and to the fans of power-dronemarkes like Menche or Hive Mind. The second disc features fourteen artists re-working Cornucopia's piece, and, logically since there were so many inputs in it, the results are quite varied, from harsh noise to ambient to lowercase. No track is obviously as mind-blowing as the original, but on the other hand none is less than well done; each listener will then pick his/her favourites (mine were Needle & Sony Mao, TV Pow, RGV and López, by the way). The two discs are housed in a slim DVD case with a gorgeous layout. Pick this one fast, as I guess there are few copies still around.


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