Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: ARTICA (@)
Title: Plastic Terror
Format: CD
Label: Decadance (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing two albums ("Ombra e luce" and "Natura") Artica come back with a revised musical style and a major change: the English language for the lyrics. It took almost eight years to refine the project but since the first riffs of the opening song "Black eyes" you can say that it was worth it. I mean, the band had already their sound that was personal and powerful enough but if you listen to "Sarayevo" (from "Ombra e luce") and "Angelica" (from "Natura) you can say that they were paying an high price to their influences (early Liftiba in my humble opinion). For PLASTIC TERROR the band decided to clean the blackboard with a firm wipe and to work really hard to define a new sound. Goth music is always their main influence but they added power to their guitars and to the vocals which now are more intriguing and almost growling. The songs are composed gathering different moments that pass from the energetic guitar riffs (that sound almost death metal) to the ones where the keyboard orchestration is the main actor. The band is good at creating pulsating tracks that sound never static or without inspiration. There's also space for good ballads such as "Ocean", "Fade away" and "I don't fit" (try to think what could mean the term "ballad" for a goth metal band and forget stuff like Evanescence) and for a couple of songs in Italian "Aggressione" and "Roma brucia" (which is the only song to remember the old style) where is evident the growth of the band. I think that they are definitely ready to be exported over the Italian border and their American gig of the 24th of February in California (check is a sign of it!