Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Nouvelle Culture: Fading Pictures

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Artist: Nouvelle Culture (@)
Title: Fading Pictures
Format: CD
Label: Le Cabaret Electronique
Distributor: Intrapop
Rated: *****
French band Nouvelle Culture deliver a powerful brand of synth-pop dance music that have retro 80's and today's 21st Century sound. A fantastic beautiful synth melodies and vocals work. Their debut "Fading Pictures" is a serious invincible music that is full of fun, energy, and ethereal style. The vocal chemistry between Jacky and Ladybionic is exquisite and crystal clear in French and English. This album contains two discs; 15 tracks on the first disc and 16 remixes on the second. It have been in rotation heavily in my cd players (stereo, portable, and boombox) and I just can't stop listen to it. An emotional strong dramatic theme describes this brilliant superb release is GLAMOUR, GLITTER, MUSIC, FASHION, LOVE, SEX, PAIN, DESIRE, SEDUCTION, and PASSION. A beauty of elegance and emotion that sets the standard of its interesting lyrical tapestry. All 15 tracks sum up the feel of the album. Favorites include "Turn Me On", "Desire Mistress", "La Fille", "Shadows (Holy Love Long Mix)", "Mathilde (Etre Enfin Aimee)", "I Dream", and "Heaven".

As for the 2nd cd that contains remixes, my favorites are "Heaven (Remix by Millimetric)", "I Dream (Jesus Rock The Beat Mix by Code Machine)", "La Fille (Madchen Remix by Equatronic)", "Heaven (Reworked Dynamic Master vs Marysa (10ve10m)", "a beautiful track with female vocal sung in French combined with vocoder, "Shadows (Epic Club Mix by People Theatre)", "Mannequin (Remix by Chinese Theatre)", a track that's on the line of Kraftwerk "Man Machine" era using vocoder, "Steel City (Glasgow's Remix by Hoboken)", a lovely dance track with guitar melody, even a visual feel of imagination depicting Metropolis, "The Perfect Way (Italo Remix by Project Alpha Style)", an outstanding heavy club disco track, "Mathilde (Twisted Nerve RE-Cut by ELLEcTRIKa)" and "Mathilde (Mister Karpe Remix by Foretaste)".

This double album shows alot of promise for further creative of synth-pop music. Certainly my best favorite.