Saturday, May 30, 2020
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IAMBIA: Anasynthesis

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Artist: IAMBIA (@)
Title: Anasynthesis
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Although Greece is the current European soccer champion, their team couldn’t qualify themselves for the upcoming world championships in Germany. And although that the Acropolis and the haven of Piraeus are worth to start a sight-seeing tour, this most hidden musically secret of this country has more to offer. Greece was until now a white spot on the globe regarding Electro/Industrial music, but this will change with this excellent debut. Discovered by Torny Gottberg of PROJECT-X (who is also the label chief behind Progress Productions...), this band was ready to release a CD on the now defunct Energy-Records two years before. But things have changed, Torny left Energy to built up Progress Productions, and IAMBIA are still alive and faithful at his side. This is one of the very few debut releases on which you have to make sure to own it. Straight and hard ripping EBM tunes with a lot of dedication in detailed arrangements, so could a description be. This Greek duo surprises from the from the very first tune up to the last one – a really intense assault burning its way from the brain through your body to the feet to teach you to dance! They left me breathless in front of my home entertainment! Rough and angry male vocals and always this steady beatings on a high quality level – you can’t ask for any other strong effort currently! To guarantee diversity they throw also in several instrumental tracks like "Ominous", "Sepuku" or the tough "Depressonic", which all can satisfy with well worked out arrangements. But diversity can be found on almost all tracks here, "Resurrect" surprises with a remarkable melodic content and unaffected vocals, while "Chaosmancer" turns into a hot Hellektro-like piece with sequences along the AGONOIZE direction. "Tetragon" is more evil and fills in some rough guitar sounds, a bit comparable to their label mates of RED CELL. Comes at last the hard ripping "Tyrrania" which holds all talents of this duo in stock. I should also mention that this release – like all previous releases of Progress Productions – will also released as a limited to 200 pieces DCD edition with several extra tracks and versions. This whole release is only limited to 1000 exemplars and regarding the strong quality here you should act soon to save your item.