Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: DUNKELWERK (@)
Title: Troops
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
This is the long awaited full-length debut CD of the German one-man project DUNKELWERK consisting of Martin Kester, who could made in the past a promising appearance on the "Cyberl@b 4" compilation series of the Alfa Matrix label. It took almost one and a half year to bring the Dunkelwerk tracks on the line with the helping hand of Len Lemeire of IMPLANT behind the mixing desk. Lets take the final result in advance: this release will be discussed controversy. Our dear comrades of the German printed magazine Sonic Seducer boycotted this release totally with the annotation of "some bad entertainment". Indeed – label and band released and included a lot of comments that this release has no room for any fascist ideology. But our dear colleges of the Sonic Seducer made it themselves a bit to easy, not to take a deeper look behind this act and the meant concept. This release moreover deals with defeat itself – there is no victory. And so this band has placed in almost all tracks some heart-breaking and at times rude voice samples, dealing with all that unexplainable terror of lost troops, of cities under fire, or of sinking submarines out of WWI and WWII. So it is not the music nor the lyrical content which will cause discussions – it is the content of the samples. That a band takes inspiration out of war themes is not new at all. But things are different with DUNKELWERK. I do understand people who are maybe still witnesses of time that they do not like to get reminded of the darkest time in their life. On the other side it is not acceptable that there is still so much bad and wrong shame about this delicate theme especially in Germany that it will be discreet up to death. This dark stories of our past happened 60 years before – we’ll keep it in mind – it will never be forgotten - but it must be allowed to ask for some backgrounds. Regarding the rough content of the samples I am mostly surprised how poppy most of the songs are structured musically. I’d expected somewhat more hard with a tough "in-your-face"-attitude. Besides this I do enjoy the good technically aspects of this release and the well chosen synth layers which bring in the perfect dark mood to the overall concept of this band. Again – it is a matter of your personal taste how this act spreads in their kind and message. Give it a try and a listen – and make your own judgement.