Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Title: Six musicians getting unknown
Format: CD
Label: Madcap collective (@)
Rated: *****
"C'mon brothers and sisters, it's sermon time with Father Murphy!!", don't worry this' a band and their only religion is music, for God sake it has nothing to do with any kind of church. "Six musicians getting unknown" is full of indie/alternative folk influences, when playing acoustic they have a lot of Modest Mouse (track 6) or remind their side project called Ugly Casanova. As you can imagine the equation is: "folk-rock", "alternative-rock" with an eye open on american roots. The songwriting sometimes is incredibly good and arrngements such as backing vocals, violins, keyboards don't hide too much the genuine "acustic-rock" style of the tracks. Father Murphy (aka Federico Zanatta plus some boys and girls from the Mad Cap collective) knows pretty well where he's coming and above all where he's headed, despite the songs pass from the depressed ballad to the rock hit, the sound is tight and homogeneous. Probably I'm boring but one of my favourite track of the lot is the last one (I'm talking about the hidden one) that's probably the weirdest track of the record: a real acid pearl a la Radiohead (Pink Floyd!?), that means an effected vocals that floats on a of single note reverbed drone with feedbacks fading distantly. Father's sin is indie music.