Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Title: This is Stunt Rock Vol.3
Format: CD
Label: Cock Rock Disco
Rated: *****
Stunt Rock incarnate musical craziness and geniality at the same time. The tracks, as usual for this kind of electro/break core music, are built using cut ups and loops but, always as usual, the result depends on the use the band does of the original material. William Flegal picks up loops of drum, guitar and movie dialogues and he opens a funny and dramatic window on people mediocrity. The most funny part is that into the package you can find a booklet with the lyrics of the tracks but them are made out of the samples. The other peculiarity is that the tracks are titled as "Audio selection number..." and as subtitles William wrote a sort of explanation to the track. So, if "Audio selection number 5" is reported as "I will make up for a lifetime of fucking chicks poorly by having the most diverse cd collection in the world", "Audio selection number 14" is "Please don't stand behind me and make those stupid noises with your mouth that you seem to think indicate to me that you are thinking". Everything has been mixed like there was a drunken schizoid at the desk but he did a damn good work! Break rhythms meet daddies voice, country guitars, lounge extracts and other thousands of sounds / emotions. This is fun!


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