Thursday, May 28, 2020
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SKORBUT: Access All Areas

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Artist: SKORBUT (@)
Title: Access All Areas
Format: CD
Label: Sonic-X (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
Rated: *****
I was wondering a bit that there was no further release for this trio from Germany on the Scanner/Dark Dimensions label. Here is the reason, SKORBUT did change the flag and they're now signed to Sonic-X, which remains still a young and faithful German label, always in search for something special in this overpopulated music genre. With the signing of SKORBUT they have indeed made a strong step out of the dark and they should soon be able to reach wider international recognition with more releases like this. SKORBUT offer us 12 new tracks well written and produced in their own unique style. While they do not invent a new wheel, I am impressed how they are able to combine known elements influenced by older EBM classics with some modern and up-to-date bass lines and drum patterns. Especially the drum patterns received a lot of effort and get often distorted without falling into any Powernoise-like themes. The vocals presented here remind me a bit of the ones done by SECOND VOICE for example. The music is a detailed produced kind of EBM/Electro anthems which also does not forget to fill in some more slower tracks as well. Especially to the end of this new CD the tracks are slowing down and give a wider insight in the almost strict side of this music genre on tracks like "Evakuierung der Seele". Dancefloor smashers are of course well present here with "Hypostase" or "Toxic Jesus". So we have here a nice old-school Electro/Industrial album which luckily avoids all too much heard elements of the current presented Hellektro thing. Please take also a look to the nice comic strip "Morbid Inc." in the artwork of this CD. Nice work – keep it on!