Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: DUBOK (@)
Title: Shiver
Format: CD
Label: Mizukis Box (@)
Rated: *****
The new US label Mizukis Box sets a first strong exclamation mark with the release of the new and long-awaited DUBOK CD Shiver. DUBOK, previously recording for the now defunct Tinman label, have found a new label home – a bit surprising, because I really thought they could enter a better known and longer active label after their highly recognized past releases on Tinman. But with more releases like this new Shiver CD, the label Mizukis Box will get worldwide attention and success. DUBOK go on in their special style, combining modern Synthpop anthems with danceable rhythms, while not forgetting some 80ies influences here and there. Almost all of the presented 10 tracks here can be called ear-catching and offer some nice melodic ideas while not sounding like often heard before. For the lyrics – well, some tracks here offer some heart-broken content about lost relations or never replied enthusiasms ("For the Throat", "Natalie’s Song"). These mentioned pieces I would call as the strongest moments here, as well as the ballad-like "Left Behind". Full of variations and emotions are also the very well placed vocals – another good point in the music of this 4-men act. This full-length CD is an outstanding release for the young label Mizukis box and a perfect continuing release in the discography of DUBOK. Well placed and produced Synthpop music with an intelligent note – this should easily enter some "best of the best 2005" Synthpop compilations. Get it and order this release directly from the labels’ website.