Monday, June 1, 2020
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ReActivate: ReActivate Your Mind

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Artist: ReActivate (@)
Title: ReActivate Your Mind
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Product Records (@)
Distributor: Epopland
Rated: *****
Another excellent release from Synthetic Product Records. ReActivate debut "ReActivate Your Mind" is a well produced killer album with infectious beats and constructed synthesizers with catchy melody hooks, emotional lyrics with strong feelings that dominate the album. The songs on this album will surely take the audience on a complete emotive spellbound journey. A majestic futurepop/synthpop club vibration that will lull you to the dance floor. Non-stop electronic dance tracks that's highly provoking, addictive, danceable and splendid hypnotic. Favorites include "No Way Out", "Star Driver", "Last Wishes", "ReActivate Your Mind", "Dream In Silence", and "Lebenssinn", which is sung in the band's original German language. ReActivate wants the music lovers to know that don't let the government, anyone, radio, and the record companies who put out bogus & lame music to change their mind/way of thinking. Everyone is value to their own opinion and listen to whatever they want and makes them happy. So ReActivate your mind! Pick up this cd. Synthpop fans will surely enjoy it!