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PAINBASTARD: Storm of Impermanence

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Title: Storm of Impermanence
Format: CD EP
Label: Accession-Records (@)
Distributor: Indigo
Rated: *****
A companion release for the in May 2005 released full length CD "Overkill" - yes, the success of this German solo effort by Alex P. is growing in constant manners. Storm of Impermanence consist of four new PAINBASTARD tracks and several remix works done by friends and label comrades based on two of the best tracks taken from "Overkill", "Nervenkrieg" and "Todesengel". Of course the new tracks receive the most attention, especially the opener "Hidden Game Of The Devil". An excellent and memorable synth layer, harsh bass line sequences, a steady rhythmic torture and vocals in style of Rudy R. of :WUMPSCUT: - ready done is the next club smasher! A different and lesser distorted effect on the vocals on the second track "A Kingdom For A Life" gives an impressive result, especially in the refrain I get some remembrances to some old-school acts ala CAT RAPES DOG and POUPPEE FABRIKK. But definitively more impressed I am with the slower "Breakdown", which feature some excellent broken beats and again a thick melodic content. The track "Don’t Ask Me Why" is a remake of an older PAINBASTARD track done in the early years of this band. Then we have four different remixes for "Nervenkrieg", done by good names like LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, REAPER, CONETIK and Mr. PAINBASTARD himself. But all don’t give any impressive further elements to the strong original version available on "Overkill". Way back better is the remix of "Todesengel" done by [:SITD:], which only reminds from the vocal content to the original version. The music and sounds from [:SITD:] are of their finest efforts, very nice, clear and majestic. 9 Tracks with a playing time of more than 42 minutes – well, reasons enough to pick up the efforts by Germany’s coming leader of dark and hard Electro/EBM/Industrial music. PAINBASTARD’s own new recordings are promising enough for further more efforts by this talented act.


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