Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: The Impossibility Of Eroticism In The Suburbs
Format: CD
Label: Disko B (@)
Distributor: Wide Records
Rated: *****
THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF EROTICISM IN THE SUBURBS is the debut album by Scottish producer Matthew Aldworth but this record doesn't sound at all a debut album and Matthew uses all his skills to make of this album a treasure for every electro addicted. Creme De Menthe music sum up new wave electronic a la John Foxx as well as Felix Da Housecat disco impulses passing through the astonishing simplicity of modern acts, just like Dopplereffekt. All this making it sounds like he couldn't make no other music. Tracks like "Do you want my love" (which features Bree McMasters) sounds like Kraftwerk visiting a sexy shop while the following "Elektrobas" it sounds so 'Metamatical'. All the CD sounds sensual in its 4/4 rhythm structure and the melodies used by Matthew are so catchy and retro that you'll ask yourself if this is a reissue. After the listening of all the twelve tracks you'll release that this is more modern than the lastest Madonna record. Where lady Ciccone fails into her seach for a perfect dance hit Creme De Menthe succeed by sounding genuine without forcing the eye to wink to the old days and I think this will be enough for you to want to check this out! Believe me, this is a good advice...


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