Monday, September 28, 2020
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NEGRU VODA: Unplugged

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Title: Unplugged
Format: CD
Label: Autarkeia
Rated: *****
As the tongue-in-cheek title suggests, this is a live album of Peter Nystroem's long running project, recorded in Vilnius and indeed released by the Lithuanian label Autarkeia. While the last studio album, "Dobruja region" (Fin de Siècle, 2004), featured a well-balanced mix of dark ambient and rhythmic industrial, the live performance predictably opts for the latter side. The set (6 tracks, circa 38 minutes) is intense and to the point, based as it is on grinding rhythms, screeching feedback and eerie samples. Sometimes, as in track 3, the tempo speeds up a bit, coming close to the beat-oriented sound of Ant-Zen or Hands projects; in most tracks, however, it stays as monotonous and heavy as a factory machinery. Honestly being no die-hard aficionado of this type of industrial, I find this a honest but not memorable disc, but I suppose that fans of Negru Voda, The Protagonist or Stratvm Terror would rejoice.


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