Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Skinny Puppy
Title: Rabies
Format: CD
it's hard to give an honest review of Skinny Puppy. on one hand, they were one of the most influential industrial bands today, (along with Throbbing Gristle,KMFDM, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Ministry), spawning countless imitators...on the other, it's my job to point out all imperfections in the music, meaning i have to put aside all my personal love for the music and try to rip into it. well...on Rabies, Skinny Puppy had aid from Al J. from Ministry on guitars and production (i believe...). let me tell is by far the best release in the entire discography that is Skinny Puppy. The first few songs start getting you into the mood, and the BAM. Rabies hit's you with the BEST Skinny Puppy song EVER, "Worlock". then "Rain" comes in, which is less a song, and more a filler track. I never really care for it, though. "Tin Omen" picks things up again with the most intersting intro to a song ever. All in all, an excellent cd that should be in every rivets library.