Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Split
Format: CD
Label: Authorised Version
Rated: *****
Germany's Incite/ present(s?) four tracks (+ intro and outro) of geometric microwave techno: frequencies, hisses and pin-like beats structured in algid rhythmic frames. Though it's obviously hard, if not impossible, to add anything to the style canonized by Noto, Ikeda, Pan Sonic and the likes, Incite/ is truly good at what he's (?) doing. Staplerfahrer comes from the Netherlands and explores the more radical and free-form side of the glitch aesthetic, with exercises on pure sine waves forms. His 6-track part of the split begins with pulses sounding like Morse code signals, and ends with noisier and harsher tracks. All very minimal, meaning that the initial sound pattern is maintained to the whole piece, without much variation or composition; so it's interesting but sometimes lacking depth.


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