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Live Act(s): Nine Inch Nails + Queens of the Stone Age + Death From Above 1979
Event Date: 3 November 2005
Type of Event: Big Stage Concert
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Rated: *****
On a warm November night at NYC's MSG I got to see one of my favourite bands ever, for the first time (thank you Genevieve!)... We had great seats, second row behind the pit! Awesome! Opening the night were Death From Above 1979 (who introduced themselves as The Gods of Rock of 1979 that night), a great duo composed by a singer+drummer and a bass player who plays with so much distortion, precision and intensity that it always sounds like you are listening to a bass player and one or two guitar players. The duo rocked and had energy to sell... I thought they were far superior than the other opening band, who were what the mosh pit really seemed to be waiting for: Queens of the Stone Age have played single after single (they really are a successful band, you know that when you don't own a single record or a single song by them and you pretty much know or have heard most of their songs at least once). I don't care what the trendy Garden's crowd thinks, if you ask me they were not as powerful and impactful as I expected them and they seemed less intense than DFA1979 and NIN for sure! The bast part of their show was the highly Jeff Beck inspired solos and intros played on the guitar by the bass player in the second half of the show: that bass player rocks on the guitar and should stick to that!I still would have preferred to see opening bands that were more like the headliners: in this world of Clear Channel imposed and dominated marketing and listening habits, NIN and QOTSA seems normal, but it would have made much more sense to put up on the bill someone like ex-Stabbing Westward's singer's new band The Dreaming, or ex-Die Krupps' singer's band, or Ministry, or FLA or Skinny Puppy (had they agreed to play the Garden and open for NIN) or stuff like that: more in theme, you know?Anyway, when Reznor's band finally took over the stage everything was clear: Nine Inch Nails STILL is and probably will be for a while the undisputed gods of modern industrial music!I was a little worried after reading reviews that said the "With Teeth" tour was more intimate and less aggressive, but none of that was true at the Garden. The new found Trent Reznor with his military-looking muscular body and his health food life style played every single hit single he's ever had AND the new record, never missing a beat and alwasy suprassing himself in the performance... All the songs we all know and love were played with insane violence and dead-on intensity! It just was fucking awesome! A brilliant show! Rock on!Also the lighting was great: there were stalactites and stalagmites shaped LCD screens, another huge screen in the back, laser-like horizontal chandelier shaped beams pointed at the musicians, light rigs moving up and down according to the songs and then there was the big textile screen that was dropped around the stage so that you could still see Reznor in his most intimate part of the show while you were really looking at projections of environmentally-inspired and politically-inspired footage of animals attacking each other in the jungle or the savana or of animals dancing (when G.W. Bush's face was to be seen NYC booed at its best!)... that same screen was removed with a projection of a glass breaking when Trent hit it with its mic stand, which looked much cooler than the usual quick-dropping that is usually used in similar circumstances...What can I say, I loved every part of the show... Great impact, great power, great aggressivity, great emotion, great distortion, great demolition, great violence (the restless guitar player was working hard to keep the stage crew busy, knocking down mic stands every chance he got, spinning and flying around his guitar, kicking his amp and his stage wedges and just generally acting like the worst rock star - he was funny to look at, very entertaining and definitely put his best in his performance, but it just seemed a little over the top, like a little kid demanding attention by breaking things constantly).... The only (other?) thing I would have to say, is that the destruction of instruments and gear on the last song is useless, pointless, over-done and just plain stupid. Trent, we all know you are rich and I don't think it is necessary that you rub it in our face like that... It doesn't make me wanna be you! If breaking every possible thing on the finale is your way of making sure you can't be asked out for an encore, just say that you won't play encores (the fake ending thing is over-done as well anyway!). NIN destroyed a perfectly nice set of drums, guitar amps, two keyboards and god knows how many great gibson, fender, and prs guitars... I mean, seriously, come on, that is so juvenile... Hendrix did it, Cobain did it... now it's just too much and doesn't have the same shocking effect anymore, it is just plain simple un-necessary waste of good gear... What really makes me sad is that this is not Woodstock, where you do it once for the heck of it... This is a tour with many dates and since these bands usually do the same thing every night, NIN probably has a whole truck full of these expensive instruments, just so they can completely trash them at the end of every night. A sad sorry waste! I hope he can grow out of that, because the fact is, the show did not become better because of that, it would have been just exactly as fantastic as it indeed was! Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever seen! Thanks NIN! Thanks Trent! Thanks Mijin! It fucking rocked!


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