Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Title: In
Format: CD
Label: L'Innomable
Rated: *****
Recorded in Newtown, Sydney, between 2003 and 2004, "In" is quite a departure from the previous L'Innomable releases I've reviewed, being, my guess, a work of digital improvisation (or composition?), and quite a harsh one at that. I'm really not sure if Guerra and Earle have used softwares or other devices, but anyway, "In" is based on (sometimes painfully) high-end frequencies, soft cracklings and other glassy microsounds. Sometimes the sound is as soft as a tinnitus, sometimes it's a piercing feedback - halfway between, say, the icy self-possession of Richard Chartier and the L-ne roster, and a laptop vandal like Mattin. Uncompromising and hard to listen to in a row, "In" displays a set of amazingly pure sounds, fascinating like a microscopic vision, but in the long run fails to impress, mainly due to its very lack of structure.


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