Saturday, July 11, 2020
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RIVIERA F: Now We've Got Europe

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Artist: RIVIERA F (@)
Title: Now We've Got Europe
Format: CD EP
Label: Kinetic Media (@)
Rated: *****
Formed by Russian singer Alexa Marlen and Dutch guitarist Kairo Sin (they met at a London art college) Riviera F were soon after joined by German synth player Severin. The band shared the love for bubblegum pop, trashy glamour and electro sounds. John Peel wanted them for a session the day after he listened to their tracks and after that moment Riviera F didn't stop collecting successes. They played gigs in UK and Europe and when Alexa met Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes he decided immediately to release their first E.P. "International lover" for his Tape Modern label. Outside U.K. Riviera F didn't stop and Kinetic Media recognised them their potential. The result is the three track single titled "Now We've got Europe". The main track and "Information" are two granitic electro pop anthems where retro sounds duet with the misterious voice of Alexa. If you had the chance to check the latest Tiga single you know what a catchy hit single is, well, just try to think about something catchier and you'll have this CDs. The closing track is "Now We've got Europe - Blu mix", a little dilated version of the main track with some stops and go. A perfect single!


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