Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Title: What The Fuck?
Format: CD
Label: WTII Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
Well, a big and known name already active since more than 10 years returns with a new deal arranged with the US-based label WTII Records. The ACUMEN NATION have in their long career seen all highs and depths a band can experience, starting back in 1995 on the legendary but today inactive Fifth Column Records (CHEM LAB). They were for sure one of the leaders of the US Cold Wave scene back from those days and mostly leaded by labels like Re-Constriction done by Chase or the mentioned Fifth Column Records and with today still famous acts like 16 VOLT, KILLING FLOOR, TINFED, STG, DIATRIBE and, and, and. It was musically said the combination between hard Electro sequences combined with Metal guitars and attitudes, maybe mixed here and there with some Punk elements. For me it is a bit a matter of taste, how much of the Metal guitar riffs I can bear or how much the vocals try to follow any mainstream tendencies... or – how much or better said less the electronic part of the music get reduced to the background. The ACUMEN NATION are giving us here a kind of collection from almost all years of their existence with unreleased goodies, remixes as well as some new songs. All that older stuff is almost reworked and new mastered. It is that typical US-like Metal-inspired music with some hard driving guitar assaults, very reduced "real" Electronic elements and a wild screaming singer. Some good and well knownh guest appearances are here included with Eric Powell of 16 VOLT to take the vocal part on the good starter "The Wreck Of Us". Also Lucia Cifarelli of KMFDM contributes her voice to take part on the track "Life Last Breath". The Punk attitude is rich present here – a fact I hear and enjoy – and tracks like "Revelations Per Minute", which are more linear and with a good amount of electronics are more in my style. For fans of this style of music this release is for sure a must-have, also because that this CD contents several lost remix works and hard to get recordings. A satisfying release for the Electro-Metal genre.


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