Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: PULSE (@)
Title: Pulse
Format: CD
Label: Pippola Music
Rated: *****
It is difficult to explain how many moods PULSE contains and how many influences it shows. Everything starts from the past of the man behind Pulse: Marco Galardi. Marco played world music all around the world with a band called Indo European Music Ensemble but he started playing with rock bands on early '90s. PULSE is his first record as Pulse and the album shows really well all his past experience containing rock elements, rock improvisations and electronic arrangements. Drums are Marco's main instrument and along with several friends (Pankow's Paolo Favati is one of them) he created nine tracks that seems a sort of schizophrenic voyage that touches different music styles using improvisation as main tool. The guitar solos on "Chafanga's time" remember me Fripp. The pads of "Il genio della lampada" along with the treated violin and the noises, create an experimental mid oriental tune. Electronic music is mostly used on the first part of "Arachnos" (the rest is a rock jazz improvisation), on "Kind of man" and on the first half of "The uncles". "Dangeridoo" is the most experimental tune because it is built around percussions, loops and treated guitars. I appreciated the spirit of the album but to tell the truth this isn't my cup of tea, because the whole project is based mainly on rock and jazz. Anyway, if you feel that it could be of your interest, give it a try because it is truly inspired.