Sunday, July 5, 2020
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STURM CAFÉ: So seelisch, so schön

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Artist: STURM CAFÉ (@)
Title: So seelisch, so schön
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Rated: *****
A huge portion of humor is required to bear the consumption of this debut CD from this Swedish duo. Jonatan Löfstedt and Gustav Jansson will surely not enter any high positions of a "best releases in 2005" contest, but they have for sure created the most funniest release for this year. The music of this two guys is mainly minimal Neo-Body music in a comparable style with old NITZER EBB or ORANGE SECTOR. As a further form of inspiration can be seen the early 80’s "Neue Deutsche Welle" movement, comparable with some minimal acts like FEHLFARBEN or DAF. About the fun – well, they’re "singing" in German – but with an scary accent and with grammatically mistakes close to the edge of asking a bit much. Their abilities in German are surely not designed to be printed in a textbook. And also musically there is nothing outstanding besides the endless 16tel bass sequences like we have heard it often enough from the mentioned patterns. I miss also a bit more effort to a more rough EBM-like sound like they have well done here with the track "Stiefelfabrik", maybe somehow in a direction towards to their countrymen of SPETSNAZ. It is fun and enjoying to listen to 2 – 3 tracks at times, to consume a whole album is for my personal preference a bit too strenuous. I am sure that this release will be discussed controversy – anyhow, also this is a kind of promotion for this band...


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