Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Title: Combustion
Format: CD
Label: Out Of Line (@)
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
It was round about 1990 when this Italian-/Canadian duo started to enter the acceptance and the success on all dancefloors of the dark clubs with their EBM/Electro sound, to that times inspired by classic EBM hymns. Several years later, with changes in styles and musical preferences, with the release of their 5th real studio album Combustion this band is back to kick some serious asses. While their musical highlight in their long-time history is still their classic "Mechanical Horizon", this new Combustion remarks again a development in their music especially since the mentioned one. Their music is more heavier and aggressive, the sounds are no longer that clean and polished like before. Add to this some more experimental sounds, rhythms and some heavy guitar riffs. This evolution we could already recognize on their last album "Shockwave" and it gets here its perfection. I should admit that I had at first some problems to accept their new kind, but after a few try-outs the magic of this stuff gets me. Excellent examples for the still rich Dark Electro content are in here with "Monument", "Supernova" or the inimitable "Time to Time". Also worth to check out is definitively the cover version of MENTALLO & THE FIXER’s classic "Sacrilege". While someone still needs to explain me the need that an Industrial band covers an Industrial band, I need to push my hat down for this encouraged cover. Totally different to the slow and creepy original, which is still my most favorite MENTALLO track, DECODED FEEDBACK include all important melodic layers and add a danceable rhythm. You find also a re-recording of the classic "Birth Of A Nation", a track which was available on their debut "Overdosing" or the re-edition from the Zoth Ommog label (RIP) "Technophobia". Whatever some people in different online sources may told you, this is again a top-notch release by DECODED FEEDBACK. The musically diversity between aggression and emotion is pretty rich included here. Worth to check out!This release is available and will be published in the USA through Metropolis-Records (www.metropolis-records.com).


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