Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Title: Vitagen
Format: CD
Label: Essence Music
Rated: *****
As usual, this Essence Music release comes in a luxurious packaging: an oversize, 3-panel fold-out sleeve with embossed details, mimicking an old photo album with sepiatone portraits of young children. I honestly don't know how they could relate to Nordvargr's music, though, as this is quite obviously abysmal dark ambient with industrial overtones. Deep low-end drones form the basic layers to which Nordvargr adds a glitchy rhythm here and some, say, "symphonic" pattern there. The result is most of the times ok, reminding at best of Lustmord circa "The place where the black stars hang": a kind of black hole space music. But the main problem I have is that, as a whole, this is an alright cd but not much more, and from an experienced artist like Bjoerkk I expected something more challenging, or refined. These nine tracks, instead, are good examples of dark ambient synthesis, with everything you can expect from the genre, and of course a top notch production; but structure-wise, they often lack depth and variety. A pleasant listen, but not exactly a thrilling one.


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