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Dream Into Dust & Diagram: 7 October 2005

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Live Act(s): Dream Into Dust & Diagram (@)
Event Date: 7 October 2005
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Cake Shop
Rated: *****
The Cake Shop on NYC's Lower East Site's Ludlow Street is a cute place that combines a record shop with a small resale bakery upstairs and a bar with a small stage downstairs. I am a big fan of this kind of combinations (one day I'll open an ice-cream/surf-shop in NYC!) and it gets even better when you can add live music to the equation. October 7th saw the Cake Shop's stage being shared by four bands. They all have their myspace page at and they are: Diagram (Philadelphia), Dream Into Dust (NY), Sleeping Kings of Ionia and Dadelectric. Unfortunately I had to leave and couldn't check out the last two bands, but the first two were worth the night. Diagram played a very cool mixture of experimental pop, ambient and electronic music. By switching roles at playing keys, guitars, computers, trigger pads and pedal bass and by using large sums of delays and reverbs, they were able to create a dense and tense artsy atmosphere that reminded me of Bethany Curve, Lycia, U2's Edge, Coldplay, Bauhaus and stuff like that. Very beautiful. Equally beautiful but slightly harsher and noisier was Dream Into Dust's performance. Derek Rush's creature consists of himself on vocals, acoustic guitars and a million pedals with apparently no signal loss (bravo!), an Al Franken-looking electric guitar-holder (rather than player) that holds his guitar with one hand, while he mutilates it, bangs it, saws it, tweaks it with the other hand (it's all about the feedback, ain't it?), a bass player and a keyboard player (that night we were the only people with blue hair!). Even with all the noise from the electric guitar holder/player/raper, Derek's compositions still manage to come through as intimate. The dark approach and the melancholic setting created a nice atmosphere. Even though I don't necessarily dislike noise, I thought Franken was a little too present at times, but I think Dream Into Dust have their own engineer (who was doing a good job) so I guess that's how it's supposed to be. I had a headache before I walked into the shop, it certainly didn't go away with all those feedback, but I enjoyed myself anyway and I am looking forward to see these bands again.


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