Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Title: Fear the windows
Format: CD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
This french band has been a nice surprise above all considering there's something that has driven my thoughts back to some years ago. [1] kilo of black bondage is indeniably near to some old projects involving Mick Harris, Eraldo Bernocchi or Laswell and for who's writing (read: me!) it already means "tip of hat" to the french guys. I can assume a good know it all will complain not everything in which the three artists mentioned have been involved was groundbreaking, but hell knows how deep and ass kicking have been some of the records featured by these three musicians I've mentioned. What reminds so much of Bernocchi and Harris? Above all the atmosphere: it's dark but not depressed, just mystical...shady to say it all. There's a dark mood, but there's rhythm in the hip hop/dub/ambient/rock/jazz "splinters driven in the body" of this cd. The front cover of this elegant jewel box shows the shadow of a man with a hat on his head, don't ask me why, but it reminded me of William Burroughs, not so far from that shadow in the cover of Sonic Youth's "N.Y. city ghosts and flowers". Uncle Bill would have loved a record like this, it's the result of a cut and paste process enriched by elements played with drums, guitars, vocals, bass, trumpet and many other things. "Fear the windows" also reminds me of some of the Sub Rosa's releases at their best. Are you dazed and confused enough? Ok, I'll add that the vocals have a baritone deepness similar to Ira Cohen that will cross your stomach/guts like you're getting screwed like a can. Cut up, good ideas and experience: this could be a know how in the making of a good record and [1] kilo of black bondage probably have learnt the lesson.