Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: SYSTEM SYN (@)
Title: Postscript
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
2004 was an important year in the already long history of Clint Carney’s band SYSTEM SYN, because this year marks the dedication to some more success and attention with the previous release "Premeditated". Only a year later and with the move from Sector 9 Studios to the big Metropolis-Records, this project – now grown to three member band – returns earlier than expected. The success formula behind the music of SYSTEM SYN is for sure still the same. Produced and mastered by Ted Phelps of IMPERATIVE REACTION, SYSTEM SYN offer us their vision of dark Electro-Pop music mostly based on already known structures and sounds. It is surely wrong here to ask for such a big word like "innovation" behind Client’s main project of course, everything could be listened earlier before from other bands or from his own predecessor release. Nevertheless the good production and the outstanding compositions of Clint Carney with some very personal influenced lyrics are worth to remark. The vocals are well balanced in the mix and are present here without the misuse of some harsh effects. Some good pieces can be discovered with "Burning Out", "All the Human Things" and/or "Now", mostly outstanding for their rich melodic input in combination with Clint’s excellent vocals. Also superb is the slow "The Saddest Sound Was You" where this band finally decided to slow down the tempo and to give the listener a more depressive piece. On the other hand I have found some tracks like "If You Never Heal" or "Existence in Neutral" which produce some doubts about. Are these tracks really ready done? They simply provide a big minimalism and seem to be filling stuff compared to the mentioned tracks before. So we have in all a decent release which wouldn’t lack of quality when the band could decide here and there to claim more originality in sounds and ideas. Not a bad release for sure, but far away to call it outstanding...