Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Paradise
Format: CD
Label: Jade Tree (@)
Rated: *****
This Paint it black cd has been recorded a while ago but I got it to be reviewed just lately and here it is!. Paint it black features punk rock genius Dan Yemin and somehow everybody who ever gave a listen to Lifetime or Kid Dynamite could have guessed it. Honestly the first idea I've had was that after Lifetime Yemin decided to "make it harder", Kid Dynamite were harder than Lifetime and somehow Paint it black are harder than the previous combos, but sure, Dan riffery is top class as always. "Fast forward" punk rock hard core added of a "revolution summer"- Dischord era factor, if Embrace or Rites of Spring had a romance with "strong guitars" and high speed...well, probably you'd get Paint it Black (believe me, they really have a lot of the Dischord sound of that period). Still while listening to Lifetime I was thinking how strong was the influence of Husker Du on a band like them and while listening to "paradise", I still get the same impression (at last above all during their early days Husker Du were emotional, solid and fast but yet melodic). Lifetime and Kid Dynamite orphans, your lonely days are over!.