Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: PÖLIS
Title: Ich
Format: CD
Label: PK Records
Quite eclectic post-rock from this Italian trio, featuring 2/3 of the indie/math-rock band Deep End, and close to another Alessandria project called EN., with which they share a similar approach to song composition. Pölis mix a refinate guitar work with electronic beats & patterns, reminding of TNT-era Tortoise ("Mice age in the land of teeth") or a hybrid of typical post-rock riffs with techno ("Tokyo-MARS (... bushido for aliens)"), but the cd offers a variety of original solutions and atmospheres, from the vaguely June of '44/folkish tunes of "Darby Crash goes to paradise" to the abstract guitar work of "My ICH is your DU". "Caucasian rollercoaster" is an ecstatic trip with strings, flutes and a driving female voice; "Radical (EXTREME) relativism destroyed all we had (good things included)" (... wew! Please note the titles!) and the very short "Templar" have a definite dark-wave slant, while "Grand Guignol" wanders through vinyl noises, a somber piano and spoken vocals. While mixing such different tastes, Pölis manage to maintain a coherent tone, which is a good proof of their capabilities. The only wrong thing of this cd is the really, really horrible layout, but besides that - it's a good work.


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