Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: P24 (@)
Title: Weit entfernt
Format: CD
Label: Calyx Records (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****
Behind this modest name we have a duo which hails from Berlin and Schwedt, Germany, and consists of Daniel Lemke (music) and Rico Ferenc Piller (vocals), who was active in a well known band like D.-PRESSIV (3 albums released on Maschinenwelt...r.i.p.). P24 are producing music somewhere between Synth- and Future-Pop with some harder efforts up to EBM. Extraordinary is the fact that all of their lyrics are written and sung in German – you won’t find any English lyrics here. This debut CD offers 5 original tracks plus tons of remix works by more (HAUJOBB or Marc Werner of SABOTAGE) or lesser (their label comrades of FP or ORPHEÉ for example) known acts – so in all 14 tracks and a long playing time with more than 73 minutes. With the exception of the German vocals you wont find too much surprises here, because musically the band follows similar ideas and styles like big names out of the Futurepop-genre have already presented. I wouldn’t count this a flaw, moreover I would say that the vocals could need some refreshing production. I like really the sound of the vocals but a bit lesser use of reverb effects on it could help. So it is no wonder, that he best and strongest moments this duo offers with melodic refrain of "Offenheit". Best track overall is to my taste the melancholic remix of the track "Niemand", done by Nico of CONDITION ONE. This is indeed a decent debut, which seems to get some interest in Poland (a little wonder, as I said, they sing in German...) in the official charts. Well, good luck to the next superstars...


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