Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Telerotor (@)
Title: Mobilitat
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Rated: *****
Telerotor is the merged product of Klaus, Danijela, and Rene Jochim of Telepherique, and Roger Rotor’s own Roger Rotorboth well known staples of Ant-Zen’s ever-expanding catalogue of noise-core heavyweights. The theme behind Telerotor’s second release, Mobilitat, is based on the fast paced world of today. In particular, Mobilitat is based on the speed, and resulting convenience, of today’s mass transit systems.

Mobilitat is structured by a layer of perpetual 4X4 beats thumping away over an active, sample-heavy background showcasing the sounds of mass transit. The compositions are thick, and prone to complex keyboard textures flowing throughout as ambient noise bubbles in and out of the foreground. Tracks like "Rain Hill" and "Larmkulisse," both with more subtle 4X4 (less techno) beats, are so full of sound and content I could put them on repeat and get lost for hours.

Depending on my mood, the overly constant beats are either comforting and hypnotic or just slightly annoying. The ambient noise and delicate keys beneath the technoid beats, however; are what really win me over about Telerotor’s Mobilitat. My personal bias against techno does not stop this from being a phenomenal album. The atmospheres created by Roger Rotor and the Telepherique crew are so rich I find myself actively searching for the right context and time to listen to Mobilitat.


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