Monday, September 28, 2020
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LVXUS: Cloudland

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Artist: LVXUS
Title: Cloudland
Format: CD
Label: Suilven (@)
Rated: *****
This cdr release features two long tracks evolved around the "simple" idea of "ambient music". I can't say why, but these two suite (above all the opening one: "Watercourse") have a "new age" atmosphere and the sound brought to my mind "Artificial intelligence" (on Warp records) a real milestone for what concern idm and ambient music. This cdr also reminded me of a lot of electronics acts from the same period, the "know it all" among us will probably remember labels like Astralwerks, Warp, Rephlex around the first part of the nineties put out a lot of stuff with this kind of sound. Keyboard and cyclic-loop domain with a soft atmosphere suitable for "meditation" and if there's no hidden meaning behind the titles "Watercourse" and "Cloudland", define the dimension in which Lvxus are gonna bring you. Sometimes it all sounds a bit old-fashioned, but after all a lot of "glitches" and "drones" electronica tend to be uninspired and so cold that is obvious there's people searching for something different (dj Hell, Passarani for example). Without any doubt it's music that puts you in the right mood, lay down and relax.


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