Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: AUTOPSIA (@)
Title: Le Chant De La Nuit
Format: CD
Label: Illuminating Technologies
Rated: *****
If you follow Chain D.L.K. from early 2001 you probably didn't miss the interview I did with Autopsia. If you did, well, LE CHANT DE LA NUIT is the perfect way to know their music and their attitude (you can also find the interview I did into the interactive part). What LE CHANT DE LA NUIT exactly is? Well I can't think about it only as an album with an interactive section, because on the data section you can find so many informations that we can think about LE CHANT DE LA NUIT as a whole multimedia project. The musical part is divided into eight different tracks and it is a compilation of tracks coming from "Mistery science" ("Electrosphere", "(G)rave" and "Joy of chaos"), from "Humanity Is The Devil 1604-1994" ("Prologue" and "Delamentatione"), from "Palladium" ("Palladium 4" a.k.a. "Der Reichtum Des Vielen Und Das Eine") and from the side projekt compilation "Prager Kodex" ("Interdikt" by Hussite). The only track I don't know is "Tallow". If tracks like "Tallow", "Prologue" and "Palladium 4" are more based on the ambience created, "Joy of chaos" is structured like a suite where rhythmical parts and electronic intermezzos (with drum machine, sequencers, etc) break the tension by adding some dynamical inserts. "Interdict" is like a dark medieval track while with "Electrosphere" the atmosphere gets thick again blending choruses and electronic sounds just to form a march. "Delamentatione" and "G(rave)" don't release the tension and close the CD with some other epic sounds. The interactive part is divided (just like their website) into different sections: Discography, Gallery, Autopsia Television, Reviews, Smrt Kultury Jako Komodity, Downloads (links to the website where you can purchase four of their releases as downloads) and interviews. If you'd like to have an in depth view of this important project, this one is for you!
P.s. This release is limited to 300 copies, so... hurry!