Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Title: I.V. Catatonia
Format: CD
Label: Y & T
Eric Alexandrakis is like a modern Sid Barret, l.s.d. included... I.V. CATATONIA is divided in two parts: "Treatments 1-6" and "Treatments 7-12" while the tracks are twentytwo. Each track is on its own because here you can find deranging piano or guitar based songs as well as tracks like "The Big Church Theory" which is completely a no sense collage of tv, answering machine and God knows what else, samples. Eric will to experimenting with melodies and particular solutions made him releasing an eclectic album full of irony and weird songs. I have also to admint that someway the album is catchy and songs like "Hooligan Hotline (You Walk Away)" are immediate and remember also some old Sonic Youth tunes mixed with alternative pop melodies. If you need something that is able to surprise you and you ain't afraid of odd solutions try this album.


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