Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Diary of Dreams (@)
Title: Freak Perfume
Format: CD
Label: Accession Records
For those of you who decided the August 6th domestic date of this CD is too far away, I say you're right!
Keeping to his promise, Adrian Hates delivers yet another disc of raw emotive power, uniquely dark classic-tinged electronic ambience, and enigmatic lyrics ("Emotion dealers that have not learned to cry liquid pearls" from Traum:A,or Dream:A in English). Adrian explores new vocal styles including a soft flowing voice that seems very unlike his super deep bass vocal style of usual. Still, his vocal style blasts with a powerful turret of emotion layred on top of almost Anne Sexton-crossed-with-Death in June type metaphors. This is a guy who could tell you he's cooking you breakfast and make you cry out loud at the same time, his vocals are that emotional and incomparable. Even a couple of German tracks, which was missed on the last CD. Highlights are TRAUM:A,THE CURSE,BASTARD,VERDICT,AND SHE AND HER DARKNESS. While not as strong as his magnum opus,One of 18 Angels, this is definitely a strong buy, as well as anything by DOD and his old band,Garden of Delight. Rating:10++++++


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