Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Balance 007
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Stomp/EQ (@)
Rated: *****
Coming out in a month, on May 10th, Crhis Fortier's new double CD "Balance 007", is among his most daring and least commercial-friendly releases ever. Fortier's pedigree includes extensive touring with Digweed and on his own, residencies at The Cross in London and the long gone Twilo in NYC, releases as Fade under his own Fade records with Neil Kolo, remixes as Fade Sanctuary (among which the chart-topper "Silence" by Delerium, featuring Sarah McLachlan) and a contribution to the Bedrock "Compiled and Mixed series (reviewed on these pages). The Australian has got a lot of steam in himself, but he doesn't compromise and keeps putting out barrier-breaking mix CDs with tracks that he edits for his own needs and re-assembles in a way that might sound hostile at first but that really is nothing but pioneering and tempting. Delays, extreme panning, filter sweeping and many more technological artifacts make this record a groovy blend of house, electro and techno in a practically unprecedented way. Includes tracks and remixes by Carl Craig, Hardfloor, Bent, Slam, Rabbit In The Moon, Anthony Rother, and Agoria, Lucas Rodenbush, Kobbe & Nitro, Alex Smoke, PJ Davy and many others. You'll have to acclimate yourself to this, so make sure you try before you buy, just in case you are after commercial bullshit as opposed to admirable experimentation of sounds.