Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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WURT ORGANUM: Nervino Mon Amour

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Title: Nervino Mon Amour
Format: CD
Misanthropy: this is the main message. Two guys coming from the North of Italy linked by a deep hate towards humanity. There's no place for harmony in their music, noise is the keyword. Judas H.I.V. provides harsh-sounding synthetic landscapes together with ultra-distorted vocals screaming against mankind (but there are no lyrics included). Julius Ebola works on guitar and its digital effects, creating noise and dissonances rather than playing his instrument. The last three tracks of the record are remarkable as there is more concern about rhythm, with some EBM-like and distorted techno patterns, pushing even more on aggression pedal. But the whole record is filled with energy and intensity, maybe trying to punish the human ears which dare to take a listen, indeed I find the tracks very catchy! Real aggressive and not depressive misanthropy.
Judas H.I.V. c/o Diego Crippa, Loc. Valgra 20, 14100 Asti


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