Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: High Blue Star
Title: High Blue Star
Format: CD
Label: Mutant Reasearch Technology
Rated: *****
High Blue Star is a duo from Minnesota consisting of the vocals of Laura Reade and the music of Brian Green. Their debut release titled High Blue Star is a mix of both old school sensibility and new school technology. Drawing on such sources as Massive Attack, X-Mal Deutschland, and Brian Eno their sound is a collision of industrial gothic walls of substructure and experimental tactfulness that works its way into your soul. Having had the pleasure of seeing them live I can tell you that they reproduce all of the nuances here. Laura Reade may be one of the best singers I have ever seen. She is powerful and charismatic and in control of some very unique pipes. I hear references to Siouxsie, Danielle Dax, and even Joy Division in the sound. Yet they are in no way an 80’s tribute sort of act. The music is very current and frankly is some of the best gothic electronics I have heard in the last five years. Brian Green works his instruments in synchronized layers of color waves that rush through the body making this a physical as well as psychological journey. Songs like "Serotonin" and "Dragonsaw" will claw their way into your mind and you will find yourself unable to escape these dark melodies. Highly Recommended!