Friday, June 5, 2020
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Celeste Noir: "...The Fire Inside"

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Artist: Celeste Noir (@)
Title: "...The Fire Inside"
Format: CD
Rated: *****
A new hugh smash hit in the underground synth-pop scene, Celeste Noir are back with their second full-length release and follow up to the ep "Beware Of..." Their latest cd "...The Fire Inside" is a continuation left off in its electronic pop and horror brilliance club and dance form. I worship this band very heavily still. Their hard work in making this record is very challenging. Every record they release never sound the same. Germany's trio always seem to keep their fans and listeners begging for more. This time the band add some new seasoning flavor, EBM, to some of their dope upbeat dance tracks like "The Maniac", a hardfloor tune about a demon who possessed a woman in her dreams and mind and watches over her. "Isolation" and "The One I Left Behind" is a top notch killer. There's a couple of mid-tempo songs such as "Candle" that reminds me of Depeche Mode 80's style. The drama suspense "Heartbeat" goes great to a thriller movie soundtrack. It features some dialogue samples from a German movie. And for a long cold winter season, the beautiful track "Winter People" will be a good theme for those who likes to gather around with their family, friends and neighbors singing outside with candles lit up or a lighter waving back and forth in hand. The melody of the piano accompaniment makes the song more very pleasurable to enjoy. This is an excellent release for fans of synth-pop and Depeche Mode. 100% highly recommended!