Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: What's lost is something important...
Format: CD
Label: Crouton
Rated: *****
"What's lost is something important. What's found is something not revealed" is the first solo release from Jon Mueller, who has worked over the years with Pele, Jason Kahn, Bhob Rainey, Jack Wright and Asmus Tietchens, to name but a few, beside being a member of Collections of Colonies of Bees. These data could give you a hint about what to expect from this album. Mueller uses drums as the only sound source, but don't expect an improv work, however radical, as this is rather closer to the savage drone works of Daniel Menche or Francisco López. In his hands, the drum set becomes a sort of mechanical beast, half rattlesnake half locomotive. From subtle squeals to destructive bass frequencies, all single possible sounds of the percussions are expanded, altered and layered, with a sense of urgency and awe-inspiring power: far from being a sterile exercise of tecnique, Mueller's performance is a matter of flesh and blood.