Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Von Magnet (@)
Title: De L'Aimant
Format: CD
Label: Fairplay
Distributor: Orkhestra International
Rated: *****
You may probably think of Von Magnet as a sort of super-group, where great music originates from the joint efforts of the leader Phil Von (electronics, vocals, lyrics) together with Flore Magnet (vocals, lyrics), Mimetic (electronics, percussions), the collaboration of flamenco guitarrist Sabine Van Den Oever and the additional production of sound designer Norscq (Colder, Atlas Project). Even though this album is less exciting to me than some other things I love more, it deserves five stars for its originality and beauty. Phil Von has always been a precursor, a piioneer, a researcher, and all his love for experimenting with multi-cultural sonics show through his work in "De L'Aimant", an album that he describes, sings and promotes as "electro-flamenco". For once, the description is more than appropriate and not nearly exxagerated or showing off. You get the characteristically Spanish sounding flamenco guitars, the beautiful cajon percussions and other percussive patterns, the andalusian singing and all the warmth, melancholy, sweetness and intense passion that come with them All of this is matched to electronic textures and programming, lots of samples (italian voices, english voices, arab instruments and more), beats and layers of inspiring digital sound. While still re-inventing himself after 20 years of great music (remember 1987's "El Sexo Surrealista"), the Von Magnet music collective will provide you with awesome, passionate, inspiring, poetic and truly borderless music. Highly recommended!