Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Oscillations
Format: CD
Label: Cortex Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
A new band on a new label but if you take a look on the names of the band members you get it that this is not an amateurish output of just one new dark Electro/Industrial band. Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have the legitimate follow-up project of the two French legends of this music genre, STIGMA (was signed to Daft and Ant-Zen) and AXONAL WARFARE (Celtic Circle Prod.). After hearing this whole album I cannot believe that this should really be a debut – but so it is and it left me breathless! I am pretty much impressed how much ideas and different influences this talented band is able to handle After the excellent Powernoise starter "First" I expected an album very close to that old STIGMA sound but then the directory changes into a globally dark Electro sound with some similarities to SKINNY PUPPY (a strong influence of these Canadian masters can be heard especially on "Final Vision" with some "Worlock"-like vocals under a heavy use of a vocoder...). The track "Sharpest Tool" reminds me a bit on the latest angry INTERLACE output while tracks like "Our Judgement" and "We Two Are One" seem to be designed to feed that need to enter the dancefloors with some more genre-like sounds. To make the diversity of the tracks nearly perfect, both tracks "Surrender" and "Breaking Machines" feature some sampled guitar sounds. Also remarkable is the excellent vocal input of Laurent K. who doesn’t need a huge machinery to bring an excellent vocal performance. We have here a remarkable output full of diverse styles and very well worked-out sounds and ideas. Don’t hesitate to make your contact with the label and order this nice Electro/Industrial album! Great stuff here!